Customer Testimonal

Customer Testimonial

As a life coach with a focus on health and fitness, Cardio Force was recommended to me for sustained energy during and after workouts. Considering that I have no cardiovascular health issues I was hesitant to consider this product for me but willing to recommend to clients. After taking the challenge of trying it out for myself, I noticed the increase in energy after about 2 weeks of taking the supplement. I have been taking Cardio Force for 2 months and feel more energetic than ever. I now recommend it to my clients with or without any heart conditions.”


“I am diabetic for 24 years and suffering from acid reflux. I have been taking this cardio force supplement for last three month. My acid reflux is almost gone and gained better control over my sugar levels. I do not have any cardio issue but I used to take 10G Lipitor and now I am on 5G. I highly recommend this supplement to anyone over age of 50. It improves the overall health not just cardio health.”

-Jay n Bhakt

“I recently saw a 65 year old gentleman for cardiac follow up. He had undergone deployment of a coronary stent in past. He also had a history of elevated cholesterol level. Patient stated that since his last evaluation about three months ago, he has been quite active and feels energetic. He had no symptoms related to coronary artery disease. When I asked him if he was doing anything different, he stated that he was taking a nutritional supplement, ‘Cardio Force’, in addition to his regular medications. It is made from natural ingredients and has no side effects. I have encouraged him to continue to take it regularly and to keep me informed about his progress.

-U. G. Gadgil, M.D.

“I am a pharmacist who has been working for a big-box pharmacy for the past 28 years. I selected Cardio Force supplement because it’s good for my heart. After taking Cardio Force for three months, I feel great. I am highly satisfied with the results of Cardio Force and would definitely recommend this product to all my family, friends, and customers.”

-Kirit Patel, Pharmacist

“I suffer from severe rheumatoid arthritis, and today I had a bad flare up when I visited [Mr. Patel]. We were discussing his product and I told him that I was a massage therapist and treated my clients with BioFreeze. Mr. Patel introduce me to a product that he has manufactured. I placed some on my wrist the right and left inside areas and in less than five minutes my pain dissolved and I had range of motion in my wrist which I could not bend at all until I used his substance. I’m grateful to have had the meeting with Mr. Patel and as soon as I get a chance to get the product I will.”

-Thomas D.

“Since I started taking Cardio Force, I’ve noticed that my body and joint aches have gone down and I’ve noticed less inflammation. I’ve seen improved skin complexion, increased energy, and better metabolism. Before, whenever I traveled overseas, my legs used to swell. I was in Japan a few months ago, and my legs did not swell because of better blood circulation. My blood pressure is better than normal, and most importantly—I feel healthy.”

-Nalin Patel